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Sublow Hz have been firing off a volley of sub-genre defying jungle drum 'n' bass productions since the name first appeared on a Dub Shotta release in 2019. Hitting the ground running with accomplished production skills and a highly individual style, it was clear immediately that this team were already masters of their craft.

And, when you get to know that the producers behind Sublow Hz are otherwise known as Benny Kain and JC, that mastery makes absolute sense.

See, these two artists have been around the music business for a long time now. With history in multiple genres – including UKG, hip hop, house and reggae – they gravitated to their permanent home of drum 'n' bass citing the unbeatably-addictive energy and vibes of the genre. And with the diverse palette of influences they've got to draw from, they were able to make Sublow Hz stand out from day one.

But there's even more to the story. Between them, Benny Kain and JC have been heavily involved in event promotion (most recently via the Centralizin Soundz brand) as well as indie film-making (Cabin Fever Films gave us the likes of 'Anuvahood', for example) and are both instrumentalists.

And, keeping a strong connection to the roots of junglism, their studio in Jamaica has enabled them to record exclusive vocal sessions from Caribbean artists, giving their productions a level of authenticity very few can achieve.

With all that experience in the bank and the enthusiasm to match it, these producers are able to create at prolific levels. Not only do they have brand new music for pretty much every set and new releases constantly scheduled in, they stay true to the dubplate culture DnB inherited from soundsystem culture by maintaining a constant stockpile of never-to-be-released beats. So, each one of their deejay sets, covering the full spectrum of the music seasoned with their trademark ragga twist, is a truly inimitable experience.

But this is only the first chapter of the Sublow Hz story. With ever-more music on the horizon, and with talk of bringing their instrumental skills to the forefront and creating a live show, on top of their deejay schedule, it's clear that Benny Kain and JC are determined to push the envelope as far as it will go.

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