Posted on: 17th February 2021 | News

If you could travel back to 1997 and attend a huge festival, would you expect to hear ‘Freed From Desire’ on a massive sound system? Probably not however, if you take a copy of the Sublow Hz and Zero G remix with you for the ride, could you even begin to imagine the crowd’s reaction? NUTS! 2, maybe 3, maybe 4 reloads? Come on!

This one is no doubt following up the awesome ‘Push The Feeling On’ remix from 2020 so if you missed out on that, don’t hold back grabbing a copy of this reworking of Gala’s ‘97 house classic. Thankfully all of the lyrics are retained alongside the original keys, combine that with a reversed speed garage style bassline that will have you reaching for your Moschino all in one suit quicksharp.

“My love has got no money, he’s got his strong beliefs”. You know the drill.

Artists: SubLow Hz & Zero G

Release Date: Pending

Catalogue Number: SHOTTA027

Label: Dub Shotta

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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